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Free fantasy text based game

A Tale of Crowns is a high-fantasy love story with Middle Eastern origins that you can play on multiple devices. It's completely text-based, with options that form the main character's attitude and abilities as well as affect their relationships with others. There are four love interests for you to pick from both female and male, each with its own stories and secrets to discover.

To find love in Arsur 

The plot takes place in Arsur, a futuristic kingdom within a fantasy world that draws influence from the historical settings of the Middle East. All of this is focused on Kurdish history.  You will play the role of a 25-year-old and was born and raised in Arsur, where magic is considered a simple talent that is no different than reading or writing. Social status is based only on income and the quality of schooling.

The Arsurian Kingdom itself is governed by a sole monarch known as the Crown; however, the position is not inherited by family. When the Crown passes, their iconic golden eyes move on to the one selected by the spirits of this world to be the next Crown. This seems to be at-will since Crowns in the past have varied from the poorest peasant to the richest ruler.

At the beginning of the novel, you can configure your Crown's name, pronouns, sexual identity, and magic skills. Depending on what your Crown's sexual preference is, each love interest will have its own path to pick from at the end of the conventional path. As for the personality of your Crown, there are a total of eight different character characteristics that will be determined depending on the choices you decide in the game

Build your own high fantasy romance 

A Tale of Crowns is a superb text-based novel where the author relies on imagery and characterization. In a scenario where the lead follows a choice-based romance, players get to immerse themselves in the world and connect directly with all the other characters. The effects are synchronized with the decisions you make, as well as internally influencing the character. Overall, A Tale of Crown is an hour of fun and adventure for text-based story lovers.


  • Four love interests
  • Eight character traits
  • Customizable main character
  • Well-thought-out characterization and imagery


  • 2D text and images
  • Focuses only on text-based gameplay


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A Tale of Crowns


A Tale of Crowns 5.3 for Mac


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